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My name is Anup Srivastav. I am blogger, author, Trainer and Oracle DBA/APPS DBA and Fusion Expert."Indian-DBA" is been created for the Freshers Oracle DBA's who are seeking to enter into the Oracle World. "Indian-DBA" is only for sharing the knowledge of Oracle Technologies , An experience dba were welcome too to give their point regarding this Site.

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Hi, Really thank you so much posting this.. I have so much confusing about cloning and dbrefresh ...Now my confusing clear after reading this post. Once again thank you on What is a Cloning?Why Export/import is not suitable for Cloning?Method behind the Cloning?Reason for Cloning?Steps involve in cloning?Difference between cloning and Refreshing ?
sivananda reddy

HI Anup, your document is great. Did you document in the same way for second scenario. on Converting 32-bit Oracle Databases to 64-bit Oracle Database

Thanks for writing such a good article, I stumbled onto your blog and read a few entries. I like your style of writing. Oracle Training on Simple Steps to Find Password for an Application User in Oracle Applications
Retha Lanza

This post helps you learn how to create standby database manually. It gives the basic description and also defines the architecture of the same. In the last section steps are given to create the database and steps are easy. So no need to panic just follows the steps. on Creating Standby Database Manually
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